Crickex Casino: Slots, Live Casino, Games

We have been in operation for over 3 years and in that time our casino section has been updated many times. This section is completely divided by software providers. We sincerely believe that our solution will increase the comfort of our customers. In addition to classic games, the gambler has the option to choose a game with live dealers. Also, each game has a unique design and in-game bonuses.

Play Crickex casino games and win big money.

Online Casino Games

Among the games on Crickex, the ones that have long stood out are those that are popular with customers. they have interesting rules and unique mechanics. We’ll tell you about them below.


In this game, the gambler will have to get as close as possible to the 9 with his cards. An Ace counts for one-point cards 2 through 9 counts at face value, pieces and tens give zero points. Also if the value of the combination exceeds 9, 10 is subtracted from it, and the rest is counted in the scoring.

Play baccarat games in the Crickex casino.


This game is very similar to the previous one. Here you also have to collect a combination of cards. The goal is to get to 21. The peculiarity is that if the client’s combination exceeds 21, the round will automatically be considered a loser for him.

Collect 21 points in blakcjack and win the game.


There are many different variations of this game, but one thing is common: Players will need to get a combination of cards on the table and in their hands. During the game, gamers can place bets, and at the end of the round, the customer whose combination is the highest at the table wins

You will find different types of poker in the Crickex casino.


This game is no longer a card game. Within it, the player will meet a wheel with colors and numbers on it. At the start of the round, the gambler bets on a number or color and the wheel begins to spin. After a while, the ball is thrown onto it, and if at the end of the spin it ends up in the sector our client bet on, he is paid the winnings.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games at Crickex.

Sic Bo

Craps is a classic pastime that’s been popular since the land-based casinos. In the online version, you can bet at the beginning of a round. The dice are then rolled and, depending on the combination drawn, the gambler loses or wins.

Play traditional bengali and indian games in the Crickex app.

How to Start Play Crickex Online Casino?

It’s easy to start playing casino games with us. We’ve even prepared a separate guide for new players, which can be found below.


Use the registration button on the top bar and fill in the small form with your details.

Create an acoount in the Crickex casino.


Now open your personal account and confirm your telephone number. This is necessary so that you can withdraw your money without any problems in the future.

Verify your account with your email and telephone number.

Make a Deposit

The player now needs to top up his account balance. To do this, he needs to use the appropriate button on the top bar. After that, choose one of the payment systems, enter the amount and fill in the details.

Top up your Crickex account.

Start Playing at Our Casino

The player is now ready to engage in gambling. To do so, he has to go to the casino section and choose one of the games.

Choose a casino game and start playing.

Crickex Casino Bonuses

We have more than 7 different bonuses in our range. All of them allow the player to get different pleasures to play with. We will tell you about the most popular promotions below.

Refer A Friend

As part of this offer, any customer can invite a friend to our website and receive 500 BDT in return. The deal is a win-win because your friend will also receive 500 BDT. There is no limit to the promotion and a gambler can invite a large number of friends.

Get a 500 BDT for inviting your friend to the Crickex casino.

EVO Cashback

As part of this bonus, the player can receive a cashback of 5% every week on games played at Evolution Gaming. The minimum cashback amount is 50 BDT and the maximum is 50,000 BDT.

Get a weekly 5% cashback for playing Evolution slots.

Slot Cashback

This promotion is similar to the previous one and also gives the gambler the opportunity to receive cashback, but this time from playing the slots. The cashback is awarded once a week on a Monday.

You can also receive a cashback for playing other slots.

Birthday Bonus

With this type of bonus, the player will be able to get as much as 1,000 BDT for having a birthday today. You will only need to confirm that it is the gambler’s birthday today. The client will immediately be able to spend the money on the game.

Crickex gives every player 1000 BDT on his birthday.

Types of Games

There is a huge variety of different types of entertainment on website and Crickex app. They differ in the mechanism of the game itself. These types of play are divided into sections on our website, which we will discuss below.

Live Casino

Live casino is the section where you can play live dealer games. The dealers will either run the game or also play against the player. A large number of our clients choose this section because they find it the most atmospheric.

Play casino games against the real dealers.


Slots are slot machines where you can have a good time. There will be several reels in front of the player, usually between 3 and 7. There are also special symbols in the game. After the player pays, the spinning of the reels begins. After a while, they stop and if a combination of symbols has fallen out, the customer gets the winnings. Information about the combinations can be viewed in the special menu of each slot.

There are various slots from different providers at Crickex.

Crickex Board Games

This section of our website contains games that mainly use cards, but you can also find games such as Sic BoNumberKing. There are also special filters that can be used to make it easier for the customer to find the type of entertainment they want.

Crickex offer a lot of board games.


Yes, you can even buy lottery tickets from us. Once purchased, the player crosses out the numbers on the ticket and waits for the draw. if the numbers the gambler has chosen turn out to be winning, the customer receives the payout.

Test your luck and play lottery games.


The bottom line is that playing at Crickex Casino is very convenient. We have tried to make it so that the gambler can get the most out of the game. Everything is divided into sections and there are special filters in each of them. In addition, the range of games is impressive and you can even buy lottery tickets.

Crickex casino is a great alternative to betting.


What happens if I don’t go through the verification process?

If we do not receive supporting documentation in a timely manner, Crickex reserves the right to suspend accounts and withhold any funds until appropriate documentation is submitted.

How does Crickex protect its customers’ personal information?

We currently use state-of-the-art SSL encryption on our website. This protects information from falling into the hands of third parties or fraudsters. In addition to this, we are a licensed company and will never share or use your information for personal gain.

What is demo mode in Crickex games?

We have added this mode for gamblers who are careful with their money. By taking advantage of it, the customer will receive a certain amount of fake money, which can be spent on a particular slot machine in order to try it out. In this way, the user can try out several different games and understand their rules before spending real money on them.

How long will I have to wait for a withdrawal from Crickex?

We try to do our best to make sure that our clients receive their withdrawals quickly. We believe we have had some success in this. While with other gambling companies, you would have to wait 1 to 4 days for withdrawal, we have clients who receive their money within 4 to 24 hours.

How do I switch between payment methods?

Switching from one payment method to another will require an initial deposit from the new method you want to use.