Crickex Privacy Policy

On this page, you will find the current rules for the collection, processing, and use of our customer’s personal information. If a player creates a profile on the site or in the Crickex app, the user automatically agrees to all the rules set out on this page.

Crickex protects your privacy and personal data.

About Personal Customer Data

Personal data is certain information about a customer that Crickex can use to determine their uniqueness. For general understanding, the most common examples of personal data are the client’s full name, age, and residential address.

Crickex collect personal data.

Collection of Personal Data and cookies

We start collecting information about the customer from the first visit to our website. In addition, we use cookies to determine which pages of the platform our client is viewing. As a result, we can show them only the data that will match the user’s preferences. In addition to this way of obtaining data, Crickex can obtain customer information from various forms that the gambler has voluntarily filled out.

The player has to provide their only true information, because in the future we may check the client’s account and ask him to provide some documents. If we find out that the player has previously provided false data about himself, we will have every right to freeze his account.

You should know that Crickex collects also cookies and other data.

Purposes for Using Personal Data

We collect customers’ personal data and use it for the following purposes:

  • We are a bona fide gambling company and one of our objectives in using players’ personal data is to comply with the law.
  • We want to build a comfortable gambling environment. With procedures such as verification, there will be no cheaters or bots on our platforms.
  • In order to improve the quality of our services and to show players only information according to their preferences.
  • To develop more effective promotional and marketing materials.

If we know what our customers like, we can develop in a direction that is interesting to our customers.

Crickex collects your data only to make your gambling experience better.


We use SSL and HTTPS on our website. These special encryption protocols protect the personal information of our customers. We are committed to protecting the user’s personal information, but we are not responsible for it while it is in transit.

All the personal info is encrypted on the site.

Policy in the Safeguarding of Information

We will never voluntarily share our customers’ personal information with third parties. The only exception to this is if we can prove that the gambler has engaged in fraudulent activity. In this case, we will be obliged to pass on the information to law enforcement authorities. In addition, we will be able to use the information when publishing promotional material, if our client receives a big win.

At any time the gambler may refuse to provide personal information to the Crickex platforms. In order to do so, the client needs to contact the support team.

Crickex protects your data from the third parties.